Product Review: Cold & Flu Relief spray by Amazonia

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The folks over at Amazonia asked me to trial their  Cold & Flu Relief spray, and I was happy to oblige.

You can find the full review here: http://casadekarma.com.au/expert-product-review-amazonia-raw-cold-flu/

Product Review: Cold & Flu Relief spray by Amazonia

Here’s a preview of what I had to say:


Expert Product Review: Amazonia Raw Cold & Flu

Looking at the ingredients, the formula seemed promising (in fact, this was close to a formula I would have made myself)…

‘Andrographis’, also known as the King of Bitters, is a classic herb I use for treating infections as it is not only immune boosting, but also anti-bacterial and anti-viral. ‘Mullein’ is another frequently used herb of mine as it supports lung health and reduces the spasm of an irritated cough, and provides a soothing action to the respiratory system. ‘Thyme’ is another staple of my cold and flu mixes, due to its antiseptic properties and ability to soothe a sore throat.

It’s delivery of a spray is handy as it can bypass some of your taste buds which believe me, is something you want when taking Andrographis. The spray proved a little difficult to get going, requiring a about 20 or so hefty pumps into the sink in order to start the flow…..

Read the rest of the review here: http://casadekarma.com.au/expert-product-review-amazonia-raw-cold-flu/

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