Success Stories

Ksenia – Digestive

I came to visit Alison after spending more than three months trying to find out with several GPs, why nearly all of food smells terrible for me as well as taste. At the end of three months I was able to eat only a few fruits and vegetables, and wasn’t able to cook for my family, or even walk near the cafes. So I decide visit Alison. One hour, Alison listened to me, we did food intolerance test, and I start to live with strict diet, some herbal medicine and supplements. One month later I found then I can smell different kind of food, start to cook for my kids and one day I try a piece of cake, I realized for more than 4 years( after my first child was born) I had never tasted a real flavour, all sweets was just sweet and cheese was just salt. But now all different and like rainbow. Of course it’s very hard to live with some food restrict.

Then my husband visit Alison with skin, digestive issues and he was all the time is tired. Now he is sleep better, his skin is clean and he is nearly good with digestive( but really he can’t live without sweets more than 5 days 😉 ) and still keep going the way of healthy life. For now we bring our 4 year old son, because he had reflux , he is under weight, and he is really fussy eater. We did the food intolerance test and really clever Alison did the job again. My son can’t stop eat now, I never saw him so happy and energy. Thank you Alison!

Ksenia, Westmead

Samantha – Energy

For the last 5 years I’ve suffered with extremely low energy levels. I had seen many GP’s and gotten a blood test, only to be treated as if I was making it up and there was nothing wrong.
Thanks to Alison’s treatment, I can now carry out my day with full energy and it has honestly changed my life.
I can now wake up easily (No longer late for work), I have more energy so no longer missing out on the fun things in life and more importantly I’m now capable to go to uni to pursue my passion.

I highly recommend Alison! She will help you where others won’t and she cares unlike every other GP I’ve seen, making you feel like a number.


Sandy – Women’s Health

I have been with Alison for around 18 months now. I live 6 hours away, but we’ve been doing Skype and phone consults. I’m so glad I made the decision to see a Naturopath. I was 51 when I started and was on the birth control pill. I wanted to cease taking it. Alison helped make the transition smooth. We detoxed and I didn’t have the expected “withdrawals” from not taking it anymore. She also introduced me to anti-inflammatory eating which helped me lose weight, as well as helping my health. I still consult with Alison every couple of months and she always offers great advise in many areas in which I might need help. I encourage my friends to go see a Naturopath because it’s a great way to get your body “fixed”. So I encourage you to do so too. *grin* Cheers to good health.


Fiona – Digestive

Just wanted to thank you for all your help. You certainly go over and above for patient care and my stomach is feeling so much better. I have not felt the need to take my pariet for reflux since last Saturday which is huge for me. That has certainly been one of my goals and I’m getting there. Only every now and then do I taste a bit of acid but nothing like before.


Bellinda – Women

I’ve been seeing Alison for 3 months now, and I highly recommend her. I was a bit sceptical about seeing a naturopath but Alison was really caring and knowledgeable, and the stuff works. I’m a convert!

I was getting UTIs all the time, and was constantly in pain with them. The doctor kept telling me there wasn’t actually an infection despite the pain I was experiencing, but even if I took antibiotics it didn’t help much either. Alison made me some herbs and gave me a probiotic and within a week I wasn’t getting as much pain, and within a month I was pain free. I’m still taking my herbs and I haven’t had an infection yet. My boyfriend and I really thank you! ;P


Dianne – Energy & Wellbeing

I had a friend of mine recommend me to Alison 12 months ago I had made the initial appointment but didn’t actually go through with seeing Alison face to face until this year. I have a number of medical conditions always in and out of doctors offices and it got to a point where my DR threw her hands up in the air not sure what to do with me anymore. My feeling of frustration and disappointment pushed me into making another appointment with Alison and a few months later I am beginning to see improvements within my body.

Alison has a real genuine interest in helping people get their body back to optimal health however it takes two to make it happen… I love Alison’s approach gentle and warm someone whom actually cares how you are feeling on the inside as well as on the outer.

It really helps that Alison is backed by a reception team that are welcoming and relaxed who treat you with respect and like you matter, and that you’re not just another patient added to the filing system. I always walk away feeling refreshed and like each and every appointment has been so worthwhile attending and making that effort to keep pursuing my health journey.

Don’t leave it longer than is necessary if you need to see Alison jump on it straight away be brave and begin your journey to wellness sooner rather than later.


Jacqui Chiswick – Women’s Health

After trying to fall pregnant and lose some weight without success I saw an ad in the local paper for a naturopath. I had my first consultation with Alison and she gave me an eating plan, set some targets, identified some problems and told me I could be pregnant within 9 months. Alison made me feel very comfortable as I hadn’t been to a naturopath before and she explained everything thoroughly.

Throughout the 8 months I’d changed my ways of eating and started taking herbs, I’d lost 12 kilos and was pregnant with my first child. Alison has taught me a lot about food choices and my little boy is now 4 months old.


Carmen – Women

I came to see Alison for help with losing weight, and controlling my menopausal symptoms, as I didn’t like the idea of using artificial hormones. I was tired all the time and stressed out as well. Alison made me a herbal formula and also gave me some vitamin D, and within a month my energy and stress levels improved, I lost 5kg and a few cm off my waist, and and my hot flushes started reducing as well.

Carmen, Toongabbie

Karen – Massage

My pregnancy massage visits with Alison commenced the very day I was able to, in my 13th week of pregnancy. Alison came highly recommended from my acupuncturist and I enjoy every minute I am being pampered by her.  Although I have no specific concerns or problems so far during my pregnancy, my visits to Alison are personally highly therapeutic for my mind & body offering me many extended benefits to me and my baby.

Not only is Alison caring and attentive, she is very thoughtful and considerate of my individual needs, just what every mum-to-be needs during her pregnancy. For me, I cannot recommend Alison enough for her pregnancy massage, she creates calm warmth and relaxation for me which immediately alleviates any tension or stresses my body is experiencing due to my pregnancy before I even start to physically recognise or experience them myself.

It is also most reassuring to know that if I were to suffer from any health issues or concerns that I would be in very capable hands with Alison’s Naturopathy.

Karen Hill, Seven Hills

Jennie – Energy & Wellbeing

Hi Alison, I would like to thank you for helping turn my life around. Discovering and treating the mutations of the MTHFR gene and the associated Kryptopyrulia has made it possible for me to successfully manage my fatigue and depression for the first time in many years. I am finally functioning within normal ranges again.!!!!


Mechelle – Women

For 20 years I have been overweight, been back and forth to the GP only to get the same old lecture diet and exercise is the key. I have maintained healthy eating habits and exercised but just wasn’t getting results. More recently I was noticing that I was having some hormonal changes and 2 years of slogging it out at the gym with little or no result I went back to my GP to have a blood test for hormone levels . They came back “normal” – not happy with this I went for a second opinion and was told the same: you’re normal but you should consider gastric bypass surgery. That freaked me out!! What am I going to do now? I didn’t think I really needed surgery.

A friend referred me to Alison, I will admit I was very skeptical but for me it was one last try to get answers. After my initial consultation and some external tests , it was revealed that I do have a hormone imbalance and also bad bacteria in my bowel. The VLA test outlined my body composition , 50% body fat, dehydrated along with other information. Alison used my test results and VLA body composition and presented me with a action plan.. Now after approx 6mth with Alison’s action plan ,diet tweaks and some herbal treatments I am finally winning my battle with my weight. For me I know its not going to be an overnight solution but with Alison’s guidance I know I will achieve my goals. I hope people reading this will be inspired to try something alternative to get the answers.


Alison – Energy & Wellbeing

Just writing to share my experience and how great seeing Alison has been for me. I have always had immune system problems, had glandulah fever at when I was 15, and since then recurrent chest infections, bronchitis, asthma and last year I had shingles and was diagnosed with rhuematoid arthritis. And I have had issues with candida for about 4 years on and off, and believe all of these things contributed to my falling pregnant. We have a beautiful little girl, 3.5 years old now. I have been on and off antibiotics for years and years. I did fall pregnant naturally, but it look alot longer than it should have.

I had seen a few naturopaths before, and I should have gone to see Alison before I did, but was a bit overwhelmed by what I would have to change with my lifestyle and the cost. I had always been a fairly healthy eater, but had suspicions that I should avoid bread, as my body just does not seem to like it. I first saw Alison in May 2012 and immeadietley felt like she understood my frustration and my need to just not be sick and on antibiotics, and feel healthy. Alison tested me for a few things, and confirmed that I do have leaky gut syndrome, and most likely a yeast intolerance, chronic candida and an immune system balance. I started to feel better almost immeadietley. I cut out bread, pasta, sugar and lost 14 kilos in approximatley 5 months. The weight just fell off and I knew that my body was getting healthier. The supplement Alison has me on have helped me tremendously, and I would not consider stopping them. Otherwise I would just be wasting money at the chemist on vitamins of poor quality which wont actually help anyway.

Really what I have achieved from seeing Alison is knowledge, and knowledge is power. This year has been a year of transformation for me, and I know now that the food choices and lifestyle I lead all lead back to one place, ME! I am the one who suffers if I am not smart and do not look after myself. I have a greater understanding of my immune system, and just how precious it is to do the right things for myself, and this also helps me to help my daughter and husband make the right choices for themselves also. Health is an evolving entity for me…..there are some phases when I am extra tired or run down and I know how to look after myself in these times. My body is very prone to stress and holding stress and I really try to make sure I manage stress by going for a walk or doing yoga or something to let off steam, rather than my body and immune system wearing the brunt of it. I will continue to see Alison for a long time to come.

All I can say to Alison is, THANK YOU! Thanks to you, I now have the knowledge to look after myself properly. I am in control of myself again.


Heidi – Energy

Thank you, Alison, for helping me with my diet throughout chemotherapy and also thank you for the herb to apply after radiation treatments. I am looking forward to the meals on the plan you sent to me – very helpful!! And I love your chocolate mousse recipe! I will highly recommend you to my friends!

Heidi, Castle Hill

Geoffrey – Massage

I teach and train Karate and went to see Alison Mitchell to help with a torn calf before my Black Belt grading. After the massage she recommended a natural anti-inflamatory with curcumin. Not only did the massage help me get through my 2 day grading, but I now have a natural pain relief that helps regenerate damage cells without upsetting my stomach. I have continued to see Alison for massage and just recently found out a way to limit the effects of my cold sore. Alison is a world of knowledge and I highly recommend her for any Naturopath or rehabilitation needs. With her skills Alison has helped me to keep training and working. Health Dimensions are lucky to have her. Thank you Alison.

Geoffrey Fleming

Michael Raymen – Practitioner Praise

I have been to see Alison on two occasions for naturopathy. My experience with Alison was great she is a very caring person with a caring nature. Alison helped me get through a tuff couple of weeks. I did not know Alison did massage, had I of known I would have seen her for that as well.

Thank you Alison


Greg – Digestive

I have had stomach problems for many years but I’ve learnt to ignore that pain and other pain as best I can; that’s until it interferes too much with each day. I’ve had tests, been in hospital etc… just to be told it could be a virus, I was even sent straight from an ultrasound to causality with an enlarged appendix. After many years of that and more years gone by of ignoring it all, I finally went to see Alison around a year ago primarily looking for help with the ongoing stomach problems. I found Alison easy to talk to and an all-round lovely person who has calming persona and a great smile that in itself gives a good pick-me-up. Not only did Alison prescribe herbs and supplements but she provided a well laid out diet and she even provides recipes online.

Alison actively followed up with me and analysed the feedback I provided, and the results came. I had comments from others after about a month saying how much better I looked and that I had lost the puffy look from my face. I kept the good eating habits learnt for over 6 months. That was until work hours got ridiculously longer and I had to travel for extended times, again for work. Unfortunately with old bad habits back I’ve lately once again felt unwell and had the pain return, but with some of what I’ve learnt still in place and now that I’m back home, I’m about to once more ask for Alison’s help. Help?

Greg North, Richmond

Jen – Massage

Thank you Alison for your excellent massage today. It has really assisted my back pain. I would recommend you to family and friends. Very friendly and professional service 🙂


Chris- Praise

Alison is a very dedicated and caring naturopath. She is extremely knowledgeable and gets to the seat of the problem quickly with successful results. I highly recommend Alison.


Mieke – Practitioner Praise

Hello Alison, Thank you so very much for the wonderful appointment today. You are a lovely and caring person and certainly very very well informed and trained. In summary: A truck load of sound advise is given each consultation, I am most grateful! This has been helpful for me and I will continue to take my medications/herbs offered by you and already I can feel a lot of good effects from them. Many thanks again, I just had to put this onto your page as I highly recommend you to other both verbally and on here.


Anon – Skin

Very friendly and very helpful. I saw Alison in relation to some acne problems and she gave me some supplements. The problem cleared up quite quickly and the results were fantastic. Excellent service and a great result.


SJMc – Women’s Health

Alison helped me with some issues I was having during pregnancy. I found her approach to be very caring and professional. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking the care of a Naturopath.


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