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Published articles


Natural Remedies ebook – Casa de Karma, contributor, July 2016

Self Care for New Mothers Part 2 – Great Health Guide, April 2016

Self Care for New Mothers Part 1Great Health Guide, April 2016

Understanding Gut Flora and Fauna – Australian Natural Health, August-September 2015

Eat Yourself HappyAustralian Natural Health, June-July 2015

How to Stick to your Detox – Body and Soul, Interview, December 2014

Self SurfaceWomen’s Health & Fitness, September 2014

Children’s Health – Food Additives,  Hawkesbury District Independent News, Issue 33, February 2013

Your Health and the SeasonsHawkesbury District Independent News, Issue 31, December 2012

Andropause – Hawkesbury District Independent News, Issue 28, September 2012

Children’s Healthy – ImmunityHawkesbury District Independent News, Issue 26, July 2012

Anxiety  – Hawkesbury District Independent News, Issue 24, May 2012

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)  PDF – Hawkesbury District Independent News, Issue 23, April 2012

Eating for MenopauseHawkesbury District Independent News, Issue 20, December 2011

Gut Health PDF – Hawkesbury District Independent News, Issue 18, October 2011

Organic Food – Hawkesbury District Independent News, Issue 17, September 2011

Eczema PDF – Hawkesbury District Independent News, Issue 12, April 2011

How hormones affect weight loss PDF – Hawkesbury Way, Issue 21, February 2011

Vitamin D PDF – Hawkesbury Way, Issue 20, January 2011

Hormones and their effect on our skin PDF – Hawkesbury Way, Issue 19, December 2010

Guest Posts

Clean Up Your Sleep – Western Sydney Mums’ Hub, October 2017

Filling Your Own Cup First – Western Sydney Mums’ Hub, September 2017

Why What You Eat Impacts Your Happiness & How To Eat Yourself Happy, Part of the Mastering The Art of Self-Love mini e-course – Casa de Karma, August 2016

Everything you Need to Know about Coconut Oil – A Naturopath ExplainsCasa de Karma, July 2016

Product Review: Shine+ Focus DrinkCasa de Karma, July 2016

7 Health Hacks To Help You Survive The Cold & Flu Season – Casa de Karma, July 3 2016

Can Supplements Help You Age Well? – Natural Beauty Expert, June 27 2016

4 Naturopath-approved Recipes for Christmas Lunch – Casa de Karma, 13th December 2015

Product review: Cold & Flu Relief Spray by AMAZONIA – Casa de Karma, 16th October 2015

5 Tips To Get Healthy Skin From The Inside Out – Casa de Karma, 31 September 2015

Be In Balance This SpringTonik Health, 8 September 2015

5 Naturopath-Approved DIY Skin Care RecipesCasa de Karma, 30 August 2015

Be In Balance This WinterTonik Health, 10 August 2015

The Ultimate Guide to Food Allergies & IntolerancesCasa de Karma, 8 July 2015

Why Gut Health Is Critical To Your WellbeingCasa de Karma , 14 April 2015

Salt: Friend or Foe? – The Food Coach, 8 August 2013

Cholesterol: Is it really that bad? – The Food Coach, 21 November 2013

Eat your Way Through MenopauseThe Food Coach, 25 February 2011

Anti-inflammatory versus Inflammatory foods – The Food Coach, 12 August 2010

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