Clinical Mentoring

Are you a new graduate? Do you need a little support?

After years of studying and having your fellow students and lecturers to help and support you, it can be daunting to enter the world of clinical practice by yourself.
I can hold your hand through the process of establishing yourself as a practitioner, and provide guidance on treatment programs for your patients. You may select mentoring sessions on a casual basis to help you with your particularly tricky patients, or you can select a bundle of appointments for ongoing support.

One on One Mentorship

These sessions are performed over Skype and can be in 30 or 60 minute sessions. We can discuss a specific case, condition, or anything else that you need help with.


Casual Rates
60 minutes – $125
30 minutes – $70

Package Rates
4 x 30 Minutes – $250
6 x 30 Minutes – $335

Mentoring fees are tax deductible.

Ready to discuss your health needs? Contact me to make an appointment
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