Kitchen Novice – Guide and Meal Plan


If you want to launch into a healthy lifestyle but need a helping hand, this eBook and meal plan is for you.

In my work as a Naturopath I help people to improve their health by making better food choices. I see a big variety of patients with different eating styles, some patients eat a fantastic diet that doesn’t need much tweaking at all (maybe just some detective work to figure out what’s disagreeing with them) and some people eat a diet that needs a big overhaul, often because it’s full of processed food and lacking in nutrients.

The people that need their hands held the most are those that have never been taught how to cook, or are so lacking in confidence in both choosing what to eat and actually preparing the meals that they’re too afraid to try, and so rely on ready-made meals and take away. These are the people I am making this meal plan for: The kitchen beginners.

If any of the following scenarios apply to you, this meal plan will help.

  • You’re put off by recipes that look complicated and you don’t have the confidence to pull them off.
  • You don’t know what most of the ingredients are and don’t want to invest in items you don’t think you will use again.
  • You’ve tried “healthy” recipes before and think they taste gross.
  • You’ve had food go to waste when you’ve tried to eat healthy before.
  • You don’t want to have to go searching for rare ingredients.
  • You struggle with finding the time to make meals.
  • You don’t want to have to think about what to eat, you’d rather just be told.

This meal plan is made with a focus on ‘whole foods’, with the aim to start people eating real, home-made food instead of processed food.

In this ebook package you’ll get:

31 delicious, achievable and healthy recipes. These recipes are based around whole foods, and are designed with the intention to be easy to follow, and will help you to feel full, satisfied. They are low GI and filled with tips to make cooking easier for you.

A 3 week meal plan. This is great if you are in need of some structure and want to be able to plan ahead. It also includes a section with tips that tell you when to make enough for leftovers, when to freeze certain ingredients and when to prepare some items the night before.

A Shopping list for each week with quantities already filled in for 2 or 4 people, plus a blank section to calculate for different amount of people. This goes alongside the meal plan. The shopping list is broken down into shopping locations, i.e. supermarket, greengrocer, bakery, butcher etc.

A blank meal plan for you to plan your own meals in the future

A conversion chart for temperatures and liquid (recipes are provided in degrees Celsius and metric and cups).

These products are downloadable after purchase using the download link.

This eBook also teaches you how to:

  • Eat mindfully
  • Make your own meal plan
  • How to eat a wholefood diet without burning a hole in your pocket
  • How to stock your kitchen (including utensils and core ingredients).

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