Understanding Underactive Thyroid – Webinar


Have you been diagnosed as having hypothyroidism?

Do you struggle trying to understand the right things to do to help your thyroid out?

Perhaps you’re on thyroid medication but you still don’t feel any better for it.

Maybe you feel like you’ve got some symptoms that suggest your thyroid might be a bit sluggish, but your blood test come back as “normal”.

If that sounds like you then this webinar is for you. It will shed some light on the topic of under active thyroid and provide you with some tips to help yourself.

We will talk about:

  • What are some of the common symptoms of under active thyroid
  • How to interpret your test results and what to do if your test come back as normal but you still feel like something’s going on
  • What it means if you’ve got high antibodies but your hormones are in normal range
  • How to get the most out of your thyroid medication
  • What are the nutrients that your thyroid needs to work properly
  • What is peripheral thyroid hormone conversion and why is it important
  • The right type of exercise to do for someone with hypothyroidism
  • How your thyroid affects the hormones in your body such as in PCOS and adrenal fatigue
  • How your diet can make a big impact on thyroid health
  • What a naturopath can do to help thyroid problems


This webinar is awesome value at only $25 so to register today to get access .


As a bonus you will get my cheat sheet to understanding your thyroid hormone test results, plus 5 recipes to nourish the thyroid.

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