Woman 3 – Flower Essence



In many cultures, women who have entered menopause are greatly respected and revered. This stage of life, sometimes referred to as the time of the Crone, is a time when women’s wisdom and creativity flourish.

Designed for women who are going through, or have completed their menopausal transition. This time of life is associated with many emotional upheavals, and often many physical changes as well.

This blend contains essences to assist with feelings of change and loss, when many women grieve the transformation of themselves, and may also be faced with loss in other areas of their life (children moving away from home, death of friends/family, change in career etc.). This blend will help you to embrace the new version of you and the joys that this new time of life can bring.

The blend also contains essences which can soothe some of the symptoms of menopause such as hot flushes, dryness and mood swings.

Also added are essences to promote creativity, as with the entrance into menopause often comes a discovery of one’s creative inclinations.

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