Woman 1 – Flower Essence



The teenage years are a time of roaring emotions, hormonal fluctuations, relationship trials, identity struggles and self-esteem challenges. For most teenage girls, there is little that is more difficult than this period of life.

There are many difficult moments that we go through at this stage as we discover our identities, wrestle our new independence,  and navigate friendships and relationships. There is also many other mental and physical struggles around this time – teenage acne, period irregularities and pain, mood swings and low self esteem/body dysmorphia. For most teenagers, this is also the time of one of the biggest pressures they have come to face – the High School exams and life decisions of what to do after school.

The essences in this blend are selected to ease the common difficulties during this period, supporting blood sugar levels, hormone health, satisfaction with one’s own body and assisting with concentration and learning.


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