Skin Soother


This delicious purifying and soothing blend contains herbs that assist your bodies natural eliminatory processes, taking the burden off the skin and providing gentle hormonal assistance.

Our skin is one of our major eliminatory systems and if our other systems (such as our digestion) are burdened then our skin can struggle.


Burdock root, Calendula petals, Rooibos, Nettle leaf, Lemon balm, Spearmint, Licorice, Clivers, Cardamon.


Soothe the skin by supporting the elimination through your major channels – the digestion, kidneys and lymph.
Burdock root, nettle leaf and clivers assist the lymphatic flow and tonify the kidneys. Calendula also supports the lymphatic flow and has a healing action to the digestive system and skin.
Nettle leaf, Licorice and spearmint help to reduce excessive androgen hormones which can help with skin conditions that are related to excessive levels of male hormones.
Lemon balm is anti-viral, soothes the stomach and settles anxiety.
Cardamon settles the stomach and tastes delicious.
Rooibos aids the adrenal glands and provides a delicious taste to the mix.

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