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“As a Mum, from day one of my eldest daughter being earth side, I witnessed how everything began from emotions; that they are the underlying meaning to everything! As a newborn they express themselves through emotions on what they need/want which come from their basic requirements of “comfort, hunger and tired.” As my daughter grew, so did the emotions and so did the responses to these emotions… Or what you may know as meltdowns, temper tantrums etc.
I think that we have all crossed people throughout our path who are difficult to communicate with and that many of their responses and poor communication revolves around anger and frustration. I don’t believe that any of us want our children to end up communicating in this manner and so it lands on our shoulders to correctly teach emotions. This way, we can ultimately understand why things are being responded to in the way that they are. As a single Mum, it was very important to me to understand these vital needs for both my daughter and myself, I needed the bad days to run as smoothly as possible as I didn’t have anyone to lean back on. As I researched ways to incorporate this learning into our everyday life, I was met with insufficient results. And so this dream began…

I created this learning tool as a resource for parents and children to use during times of difficulty as well as an attempt to understand our little one’s minds and behaviours. As well as offering a source of the extra ability to learn colours, counting and as an introduction to the Crystal world, plus many other learning alternatives.

This deck consists of 10 double sided cards. Each piece of artwork is all inclusive to age, gender, race and culture. The artwork includes plants, colours, elements and symbols that holistically relate to the 10 emotions. Each card receives a Crystal relating to the emotion, with the matching picture to identify its type. Plus, an easy to read and learn mantra. All 10 cards and Crystals come in a cotton draw string bag with a sustainably made and eco-friendly card holder.

All products are cleansed with herb bundles during their creation.

Contains small pieces – This learning tool should only be used by children ages 3 and up and with parental supervision. Pieces may fragment over time from the card holder and the “rough” crystals due to their natural state being honoured.”

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