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*This is an ebook, suitable for iPad and other eReaders.

About this book:

So you’re trying to get your family off the white stuff but don’t know what to feed the kids? Look no further! We’ve developed this cookbook for health-conscious mums and dads. With more than 85 recipes containing minimal fructose, you’ll ensure your kids enjoy yummy, nutrient-dense food without the crazy sugar high (and low) afterwards! These clever and fun recipes focus on the two things all parents’ love the most: convenience and simplicity!

The chapters:

  1. Simple Staples That Get Kids to the Table
  2. Breakfast for Brain Power
  3. When a Veggie is Not a Veggie
  4. Same-Same But Different
  5. Weekend Cook-up
  6. Lunchbox Ideas and Snacks
  7. Grab ‘n’ Run
  8. Let’s Party
  9. Jazz Up Your Water

Not only will you find heaps of clever ways to get the kids interested in cooking (and even growing) their own food from scratch, but the book also contains expert advice and tips for feeding your kids nutrient-dense meals without all the added fuss. Cauliflower pizza, anyone?

What Sarah says:

“Eating sugar free is about abundance and ‘crowding out’. It’s not about banning ‘bad’ foods, but instead focusing on filling your kids’ plates with so much yummy (and nutritious) food that there simply isn’t enough room left for the sugary stuff. It’s about eating less ingredients and packet free and perhaps, most importantly… eating sugar free is about being gentle and kind. We don’t do harsh edicts. We make this fun and positive. We ease our kids into this, encouraging good habits.”

What others say:

“Totally worth it! I love the recipes and my kids call it their “Food book” A great mix of familiar and new flavours, found it an excellent tool when teaching my kids food choices.” – Amanda

“It’s often hard to be creative in the kitchen and get our children to eat a balanced diet. I for one appreciate variation and creativity in my diet and I’m an adult! Thanks Sarah for your new recipe book for kids – as a mum of two littles, I appreciate all the sugar free help I can get!” – Jamie

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