The Cyclical Woman


Understanding your bodies inner workings allows you to become aware when imbalance occurs.

Gain knowledge of the workings of your body, the way your hormones influence your physical and emotional health, and learn some simple strategies that will help you to address imbalances.

Get in touch with your cyclical self, and learn the ways that for women so much of our life is a cyclical event.

Our life consists of cycles within cycles, and this wisdom has existed for generations (I even talk about the elements of our cyclical nature going back to ancient greek times), but in recent years has become lost.



  • What your hormones do in the body, and what are the key hormones for wellbeing
  • The changes of hormones over the course of a lifetime, and understanding the shifts that occur approaching the menopausal transition
  • All about ovulation and how our eggs develop
  • How the stages of your menstrual cycle reflect the seasons, and how to embrace this
  • Hormonal shifts throughout the month for a menstruating female
  • A historical perspective on the cycles of woman, with a touch on Greek mythology
  • How we can tune into cycles in nature such as the moon and the seasons
  • Eating for your menstrual cycle
  • Eating for the seasons
  • Symptoms that can indicate unbalanced hormones
  • Testing options available for hormone balance
  • Key nutrients for hormonal balance
  • A deep discussion on some of my favourite herbs for hormonal balance

Cost $50AUD

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