Debunking Ovulation – Dr Nat Kringoudis


Ovulation got you confused?  Want to come off the pill freaking out at the thought of falling pregnant?  Or perhaps it’s simply time  you took control of your health and understood your body on an excitingly new level.  Debunking Ovulation will have you punching the air as it digs in deep to answer all your ‘womanly’ questions and give you a new sense of confidence around your own wellbeing.

Presented in two segment, you’ll learn how to really read and decode your bodies signs and symptoms around ovulation, health and fertility.  Nat teaches you how to make or NOT make a baby and the importance of understanding yourself.

So whether you have PCOS, facial hair or trouble understanding when you ovulation – there are solutions that really work.  It all starts with gaining education to understand yourself more.

The download will cover:

  • How to understand your menstrual cycle – for conception and contraception
  • How to fully understand and pinpoint ovulation
  • Alternatives to Contraception
  • Diet and lifestyle factors affecting health and fertility
  • and most importantly – that fertility isn’t just about babies!

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